The cost of dent removal is broken down into a form that is easily understandable for experts across the United States. However to speak with a expert and to completely understand the cost we suggest you contact a dent removal and auto hail repair expert at to receive an exact cost of your damage.

Paintless Dent Removal Cost:

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It is almost impossible to determine the cost of a dent to be removed without a professional Dent Expert to inspect the vehicle. There are many factors that can add cost to the PDR process. Travel time for the Dent Expert, Laminated glass, if the dent is under a brace.  Under a brace can do both add to the complexity of the process or lower the complexity of the process. Type of metal, Aluminum is much more difficult to repair and more time consuming. A body line damage can take hours and other equipment maybe necessary for the Dent Expert to set up. What type of glass is in the door, Laminated or Tempered Glass is a common I use in determine the time I calculate for the repair.  Removal and Installation of the Laminated glass may be in addition to the cost of the PDR process. Most vehicles today are equipped with Laminated Glass on the drivers door and the passenger door.  The rear doors are often tempered glass. Tempered glass makes the total cost less expensive, no removal and installation will be charged. There are a few models of vehicles that have all door glass as laminated. With the continue changes on the vehicles metal, the time of repair keeps going up. The Expert in which you choose should be educated into all these factors that come into the process. Most Expert’s can determine a price within 5-15 minutes.  However Hail damage takes longer to estimate and you should be willing to leave your vehicle a few hours.

For your most accurate estimate, schedule an appointment with one of Nations Dent Expert’s off of .

Laminated Glass, Paintless Dent Removal Expert, and Hail Repair Expert. Locate a Dent Expert
Laminated Glass, Paintless Dent Removal Expert, and Hail Repair Expert. Locate a Dent Expert.

The only four things that affect the Cost of Paintless Dent Removal.

  1. Travel time.
  2. Size of damage.
  3. Access to the damage.
  4. Time of repair.
Dent Removal Cost
Dent Removal Cost


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